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Northeast Tactical was created to provide a quality, affordable, American made slings and gear to the Military, Police and the shooting sports.Massachusetts DealersConnecticut DealersPennsylvania DealersOhio DealersIllinoise DealersKentucky VendorsArkansas DealersKansas DealersTexas DealersCalifornia DealersIdaho DealersOregon DealersWashington DealersFlorida DealersGeorgia DealersNorth Carolina DealersMaine DealersMichigan Dealers

We have updated many of our most popular products to be ordered online. More items will be online shortly.

Please visit our Youtube page for video of some of our products.

Northeast Tactical, Inc. was created to bring quality products to the emergency services at affordable prices .
Our lines of manufactured products include rifle slings designed for tactical applications. These include:

One Point SlingSingle Point Sling:

Made from 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing. Our one point tactical sling attaches to the weapon on an installed mount, either factory or after market. Mounts near hand grip, creating a more natural feeling pivot point and reduced chances of entanglement. Price: $28.95.

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Elastic Cord SlingSingle Point Elastic Cord Sling:

Made from 1 1/inch nylon webbing, our elastic cord sling is similar to our Single Point Sling with a twist. It has a section of heavy duty elastic cord near the mount. This allows the sling to be carried close to the body while maintaining the ability to quickly shoulder the weapon. Good choice for fitting over body armor or thick clothing. Single Point Elastic cord attachment points are a standard trigger snap Price: $42.95.

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Single Point Elastic Cord, Snap Hook

Elastic Cord Snap Hook

1 1/2 inch nylon webbing sling with attached elastic cord. 1 1/2 inch soft but durable nylon webbing. Distributes weight better and helps limit chafing. Snap hook connector creates a better, natural pivot point and limits material that can interfere with weapon. Elastic cord allows weapon to be held close and extended to shoulder or transition. Price: $45.95

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Elastic Cord, Snap ShackleSingle Point Elastic Cord Sling, Snap Shackle connector:

1 1/2 inch nylon webbing sling with attached elastic cord. 1 1/2 inch soft but durable nylon webbing. Distributes weight better and helps limit chafing. Single snap shackle connector give more natural pivot point and limits material that can interfere with weapon. Snap Shackle has locking bar to secure opening. Pull pin releases lock to open. Elastic cord allows weapon to be held close and extended to fire or transition. Price: $45.95

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EC MASHSingle Point Elastic Cord, MASH hook.

Single Point connector uses a MASH (Metal All purpose Snap Hook). Two overlapping fingers, release by pressing middle section together. Price: $45.95

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Single Point Elastic QD Mount
Single Point Elastic Cord with Quick Detach Mount. Swiveling QD mount swivels and rotates to limit torque on weapon. Easy push button connection and disconnection. Price: 51.95
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Single Point MOLLESingle Point Elastic Cord, MOLLE Attachment:

Our Single Point Elastic Cord, Molle Attachment is designed to attach to the rear of a vest or carrier with MOLLE attachments. Designed to attach to a section of MOLLE behind the strong side and loops over the shoulder. Price: $24.95

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Single Point Elastic Cord V-Sling

The Single Point V Sling offers the user a static mount on vest or carrier. The V sling makes a single connect about mid-chest. Transitioning to either strong or support side is quick and unencumbered by excess sling material.

D Ring V SlingWe offer two version, one attaches to D rings on the shoulder, the other attaches to the back with Molle attachments.V Sling Molle

EC-V D Ring Price: $25.95
EC-V Molle Price: $31.95

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Two Point Sling:

The two point Utility Sling is designed to either clip onto an attachment near the handgrip/trigger mechanism, creating a more natural pivot point to the weapon and does not clutter weapon's controls. Can also be clipped onto standard sling swivels to use as standard carry sling, or any combination of attachment points. Length is adjustable.

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Two Point Rapid Adjustable Tactical Sling


Tactical 2 Point
Our latest sling, the Tactical two point, has all the benefits of a three point sling (muzzle control, secure weapon carry) but eliminates the biggest problem (body loop getting hung up).

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2pt MashTwo Point Elastic Cord, MASH hook

Two Point sling made for 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing fully adjustable and two section of elastic cord to allow rapid shouldering and transitions.

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Sling Adapter Plate:

Sling Adapter Plates create attachment points for a single or two point sling. We carry adapter plates for the M16/AR15 rifle and Remington and Mossberg shotguns.

We also carry a sling plate for the Remington and Mossberg shotgun that mount at the top of the magazine to allow a two or three point sling to be mounted and limit interference with slide.


Three Point SlingThree Point Tactical Sling

Made from 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing, our three point tactical sling provides for a safe and secure carry and rapid deployment of your long arm. Our Three Point Sling is available for the M-16/AR-15, Mini-14 rifle and Remington and Mossberg pump action shotgun. Sliders adjust length and "hang" of weapon. See the Three Point page for options and pricing.


Elastic Weapon Catch

Our Elastic Weapon Catch gives options on securing a long arm when going hands free. No matter which sling is use, an unsecured weapon can swing uncontrollably, causing damage to the firearm or optics and creating an unnecessary hazard to user or those close by. We have several different options, depending on your needs and equipment.

Elastic Weaspon Catch loop and ballElastic Weapon Catch MolleeElastic Weapon Catch wrap

Elastic Weapon Catch Loop and Ball                                                                  Elastic Weapon Catch Molle                                                            Elastic Weapon Catch Wrap


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We are proud to now offer the Active Response Bag. Designed by a patrolman for responding to an active shooter. The Bag has three pockets to carry all the extra ammo and gear to quickly respond and control an active shooter situation.

The two outside pockets have flaps that can be secured with velcro. These pockets can carry assorted spare magazines or ammo boxes (including extra less lethal or gas munitions). Also, first aid supplies, door chocks, flex cuffs,tape or other gear can go in them. One flap has a velcro loop panel to attach an identity or unit label.

The larger, rear pocket has a velcro strip to keep it closed. This can be used to hold larger items, or used as a dump pouch.

The long shoulder strap can be used to carry the bag slung over your shoulder or looped around your waist. The length can be adjusted and it has a release buckle on one side. The bag can easily be stored in a cruiser trunk, or takes up little room on the passenger seat, slung over the seat for immediate access. This will also keep your first aid kit in the front seat for immediate use if needed at any scene.

The bag will allow the patrol officer to respond to a critical incident with spare ammo and equipment without having to change or rearrange duty gear at critical moments.

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Other products we manufacture include:

Epaulet Microphone Holder


EMH1Our Epaulet Microphone Holder attaches to a shirt or jacket shoulder epaulet. This keeps the microphone close to the mouth and ear for easier listening and transmitting. Snap attachment prevents unwanted separation. Designed to hold the cord behind the officer, keeping it out of the way. Or the microphone can be hung in front. Will fit all standard external microphones.

Price: $7.99

SBMH Our Shirt Button Microphone Holder uses a button to attach mid-chest. This allows either hand access to mic as well as puts in so that you can hear and talk with having to move your head.

Price: $4.99

Our Cruiser Trunk Bag was created to keep a ballistic helmet and gas mask readily available, and clean, in a cruiser trunk or storage area. With the ever changing demands on local law enforcement. Having the means to carry and quickly deploy the needed gear is essential. Price: $30.00

Slings can be ordered Black, Olive Drab, or Tan in our standard webbing. For training or less lethal weapons, slings can be made with a thinner webbing in Blue or Orange.

We accept Credit Cards (Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) Paypal and personal or business checks. Checks may be held until cleared. Please call or fax for credit card orders.

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