Active Response Bag

The Active Response Bag is designed for the Patrol Officer armed with a long arm to respond to a critical incident with the extra ammunition and gear needed to safely take control. Three large pockets give ample options for needed equipment. Outside flap has loop velcro for attaching a name or other identification tag.
Active Response Bag

Active Response Bag, front pocketsThe two flapped pockets will hold your gear securely while in the trunk or passenger compartment. Rifle magazines can be carried in one or both front pockets, which are closed by velcro. The number of spare magazines carried will depend on the rifle version, but AR-15, Mini-14, common .308 and 9 mm magazines will fit. The pockets can also carry a box of shotgun or rifle rounds for those officers not issued a magazine fed long arm, or extra munitions for a gas or less lethal weapon. Depending on load out, the second flapped pouch can carry a first aid kit, flex cuffs, door chocks or other needed gear.

Active Response Bag, Rear pocketThe large rear pocket can carry bulky items or be used as a dump pouch. The large opening lets used magazines or evidence to be easily dropped in. The deep size will keep these in the pocket under all except the most extreme conditions. The opening is secured with hook and loop to keep it closed until needed or to secure items inside.

 The long, adjustable strap allows the bag to be slung over your shoulder, or wrapped around your waist. The bag can easily be moved to the side or rear to keep it out of the way, but readily available when needed.

Price: $29.95

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