Northeast Tactical MASH Hook Sling

We are now manufacturing several of our slings with the new MASH (Metal All Purpose Snap Hook) connector. We make both our single and two point slings, elastic and all webbing, with the MASH hook. All our slings are made with 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing to help limit chaffing and distribute the weight of the weapon better.

Close up of the MASH hook. This will fit most stock and aftermarket sling attachment points.

MASH open
To open the MASH hook, push the two middle pieces together. The fingers will open, allowing connecting to rifle mount. Each finger will have to roll over the mount to secure. Accidental opening in limited with this design.

MASH connected

 MASH hook will fit smaller connectors such as H&k and Sig. It will also fit our Sling Adapter Plates for weapons that do not have a factory connector.

Single Point Elastic Cord, MASH Hook

EC MASH hook

ECMASH mountedOur Single Point Elastic Cord MASH hook has an elastic section which allows the weapon to be slung tight but still retain the ability to shoulder or transition. We use a soft, but durable, 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing. This helps distribute the weapon weight better while also limiting chaffing if you are wearing light clothing or if the sling rolls over the neck of body armor. The nylon section adjusts to fit over varied clothing and gear.

Sling can be ordered in Black, Olive Drab and Tan.

Price: $45.95

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Two Point Elastic Cord, MASH Hook

2pt ECMASH The Two Point Elastic Cord MASH hook has dual connectors to allow users options on where to connect to the weapon. Depending on available options, the sling can be mounted to front, rear or middle connector, or any combination. This will allow the wearer to customize the weapon fit specific to mission or gear worn.

2PTMASH attached Two Point Elastic Cord attached to Sig.

Our Two Point Elastic Cord will fit a smaller PDW type rifle.2PTECMASH slung

2PTMASH on PDW Sling allows for easy presenting of weapon, with or without stock extended for smaller weapons.

Price: $45.95

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