Northeast Tactical Single Point Elastic Cord Tactical Sling, Snap Shackle attachment

We are introducing a new addition to our Single Point Slings. Our Single Point Elastic Cord Sling, with a snap shackle as the attachment piece. This attachment is a non-swiveling component made from brass with black oxide finish. This connector is very quick to remove from the rifle. Pulling the pin will cause the gate to open. Only pull the ring when releasing the weapon is needed. We have added a small web piece on the split ring to make it easier to open.
Snap Shackle, closed
The Snap Shackle uses a locking pin to secure the opening. A pull ring moves the pin to open.
The split ring can work itself loose. If it does, the pin will come out and there will be nothing to secure the gate. User is cautioned to make sure the split ring does not work itself loose over the pin.
Snap Shackle ClosedShackle Open

Sling can be ordered in Black, Tan or Olive Drab
Available Sling Colors
Colors may vary due to Monitor differences

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