Sling Adapter Plate

The Sling Adapter Plate is designed to create an attachment point for single or two point slings on weapons that do not have a factory mount. Available for the AR-15/M-16 rifle, the Remington 870,  and Mossberg 500 series shotgun.

Collapsible Stock M-16/AR-15 rifle. These adapter plates will fit the Sig Sauer 556 collapsible stock also.

Adapter Plate below has only loops. Price: $14.95.

Loop only, CAR adapter plate

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We now carry the Midwest Industries End Plate Adapter. This adapter fits over the buffer tube of a collapsible stock M-4/AR-15. Installation requires only the removal of the shoulder stock and sliding the adapter over the buffer tube. Tighten the hex nut down with the supplied allen wrench. Re-install the shoulder stock portion to finish.

MCTAR13$35.95Plate Mounted


The M16/ AR15 fixed stock version is available for either right or left handed shooters. The Adapter Plate is 1/4 inch wide and will add this to the length of the stock. A longer screw for the buttstock is supplied. Please specify right or left handed shooter. Price: $34.95
Fixed stock adapter plate

Shotgun Adapter Plates

For the Remingtion 870 we have adaptor plates with a single loop for right or left handed as well as an ambidextrous plate. Mossberg Shotguns, we only have single loop adapter, either right or left handed. These mount between the reciever and butt stock.

Remington adaptorSingle Loop Adapter

                                                 Ambidextrous Remington Adapter                  Single Loop Adapter

Price: $29.95

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