Two Point Rapid Adjustable Tactical Sling

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Tactical 2 Point

The Tactical Two Point sling is designed to safely carry a long arm while maintaining the ability to quickly engage a threat and transition to hands free or secondary weapon.Weapon hangs in a ready position by attaching so the weapon controls present themselves to the operator easily. Sling length can be adjusted to fit over varied clothing and equipment. Front attachment helps control the muzzle while transitioning. The Rapid Adjustment tab on the front portion allows quickly lengthen or shorten the sling to shoulder to support side or to go hands free. Wider webbing helps to distribute weapon weight better and limits chafing.

The sling will attach to the front sling mount of the weapon, either sling swivel or loop. The sling will mount through the rear slot of a standard M4 stock. We make stirrup attachments for fixed stock AR-16/M16 as well as Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 series shotguns. The stirrup will keep the sling along the long axis of the weapon.

Slung 2 PtTwo Point mounted and slung. No body loop to interfere with weapon controls or get hung up on gear.
Side view showing no body loop to interfere with gear or shouldering.Slung, Side View

To transition to the support shoulder if needed.

1. Grab the front adjustment tab. To lengthen, either pull back on the attached webbing piece or lift the front tab of the adjustment piece and slide back.

Grab pull tab to lengthenAdjust to shoulder

2. Once you've made enough slack you can easily fire from support shoulder.
Support shoulder

3. By pulling adjustment tab forward the sling will be tightened.

4. Weapon will hang on the side or back for "hands free" work.


Sling in back


 Our Tactical Two Point was designed to be attached along the side of the weapon. This allows hands free work but an easy presentation to shoulder when needed.

The factory, bottom mounted sling mount will work, the weapon may have a tendency to twist slightly if the sling is not mounted on the side.
 Bottom sling mount

Aftermarket side sling mount to have sling attached to the side.Side mount


Rear mount for Fixed Stock AR15/M16 Rear Fixed Mount

Rear mount for M4 stock will slide through slot in stock M4 Mounted

Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 series shotgun will mount using front sling swivel and nylon stirrup attachmentShotgun sling

For SIG rifles we have a MASH hook front connector mash hook and rear mounts through the slot in the buttstock slot attachment

or a stirrup attachment for the fix stock version Fixed stock wrap

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