The Northeast Tactical Elastic Weapon Catch is designed to give an added measure of security when you need to sling your long arm and go hands free. Which ever sling worn, uncontrolled weapon swing can be an issue. Mechanical breaching, climbing and prisoner control can easily place your weapon in a compromised position or create unwanted liability (bouncing a muzzle off a prone suspect). Our Weapon Catch adds an extra measure of security by controlling the front end of the weapon.

We manufacture three versions of our Elastic Weapon Catch: MOLLE, Waist Wrap, and and our new MOLLE Loop and Ball.


Our MOLLE Loop and Ball Weapon catch attaches to MOLLE gear by using a small vertical area so it can be attached between pouches or even on the outside of attached pouches.

Loop and Ball EWCTo attach the weapon, place it over the webbing section. EWC Loop and Ball 1Place your support hand thumb through the elastic loop and stretch over the handguard.Loop and Ball Thumb loop

Grab the ball with support fingers and feed ball through elastic loop.EWC loop and Ball 3EWC LB secured


To release, pull the elastic loop over the ball with support hand fingers.

Available in Olive Drab, black coming soon.


We have two versions of this Weapon Catch. One has a hook and loop flap that covers the elastic sections. This helps limit accidental catching of the elastic sections. The other version does not have this cover. Depending on placement and expected use will determine which Weapon Catch to order. If the catch will be mounted so that an arm or other gear will help cover the catch, or if a secondary weapon (such as a breacher shotgun or less lethal weapon) will be used and there is limited possibility of accidental catching, then the cover will have limited use.  If the Weapon Catch will be used for primary weapon when needed or exposed outside gear, then the covered Catch may be a better alternative.

Molle Elastic Weapon Catch Loop and Ball versions

Flap can easily be opened with pull tab to expose the elastic section.


Non-covered version: $14.99

Covered version: $19.99



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Our Original MOLLE version attaches to body armor or load bearing equipment with MOLLE strapping by weaving through the webbing and secured with a snap.MOLLE EWC We offer two sizes for this attachment, 18 inch and 26 inch unextended,depending on how much equipment and pouches you have mounted on your gear. Also, the smaller size can be used for breacher shotgun or smaller firearms if hung over the strong shoulder and the Catch is mounted on that side. MOLLE version can be ordered in black, olive drab or tan tubular webbing over elastic.

EWRS1MOLLE version should be on the support side for standard long arms. The strap can hang under the vest or around mounted pouches. It can be mounted to any MOLLE webbing, only needing two vertical sections to mount.

The Strap should hang so that it can easily be found with support hand or thumb.


The Elastic can be extended with support thumb, muzzle will fit through, even with accessories mounted.



The Elastic Strap will hold the with limited swing. Litter carry,breaching, cuffing and searching, and other hands free work will be assisted when the rifle does not slide around as much. Elastic Weapon Catch is not a substitute for proper weapon retention and training, this device is designed to prevent unwanted weapon movement when going hands free.


The small length can be used on strong side for smaller weapons, like breacher shotguns or PDW. The weapon can be secured on side or front.

PDW secured PDW secured side


When in the Elastic Weapon Catch, moving, kneeling or climbing is made easier knowing your weapon will not swing.

kneeling Kneeling PDW


Price: $16.99 small size


$18.99 longer size


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If you do not have MOLLE or prefer not to attach to your vest, we offer the Elastic Weapon Catch that fits around your waist.EWRS6 Connected with a snap hook and D ring, we offer this item in 4 standard sizes (32, 36, 40 and 44 inches) or we can make a custom sized if our standard size does not fit. A webbing pull strap is attached to easily locate and extend the Catch.


Designed to fit between the gunbelt and body armor, it can be attached to a vest if there are loops or flex tied to gunbelt. Pull tab can be moved to fit around worn equipment.EWRS4


Pull tab to extend elastic cord, muzzle can slide into opening, when released, the weapon will be held snugly.EWRS5


Our wrap around version comes without tubular webbing, and can be ordered in black or olive drab. It is shown with tan tubular webbing for display purposes.


32 or 36inch $12.99

38 inch $13.99

44 inch $14.99

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