This is a small sample of the kydex holsters we make. These are all individually made for our customers, and we are not at the level of full time production. We can make a custom kydex holster for specific firearms. Please contact us for availability.


OWB, flag design


OWB in black


OWB with speed clips, Thin Blue Line  




Speed clips have open bottoms to quickly slide over a belt do you don't have to remove the belt to put the holster on or off. Available in 1 1/2 inch and 1 2/3 inch

OWB Gadsen flag


Inside Waist Band style holster with loop belt clip. Loop part can slide over belt for secure carry. Opening in bottom of loop allows for easy on and off by pulling bottom edge out, but will stay on belt through normal use.



UlticlipInside Waist Band with UltiClip mount. Ulticlip uses a unique tension system to secure the holster on clothing, with or without a belt.


The ability to wear pants or shorts without a belt, as long as they are sturdier enough to hold the weapon. The top metal part is moved away, exposing a clip to attach over the top of the pants.                                                                                                         Closing the top piece secures the clip onto the clothing.