Instructor BeltThe Northeast Tactical Instructor belt, made 1 ¾ inch webbing, double layered around body. Metal roller buckle to adjust length, with Velcro on free end to keep it from flopping around. We made our Instructor belt using parachute grade buckle and webbing, however we do not intend our belt to be used as a safety item. Unless your pant loops are rated to hold you and your equipment, using a pants belt as a safety device will only lead to your belt up around your armpits if you fall off or out. While this may create embarrassment on your part, it will give hours of amusement to your teammates. If, however, you need a belt that will not only make you look good, but also hold your pants up when you start carrying holster, magazine, flashlight, and all the other gear you can fit on your waist, we have your belt.

             Our Instructor Belts are made from one long piece of webbing, doubled over and sewn together. This allows the wearer to carry holster, extra magazines, handcuffs, flashlights and other gear on the belt when a gunbelt is not an option.

            Our Instructor Belts are sized to adjust up to 4 inches. This design allows for easy adjustment, but will not leave a large unused section to hang out and possibly get caught. Shown sizes indicate middle measurement; the belt will adjust 2 inches above and below this measurement.

            Belts are available in black, olive drab and tan.

            Price: $37.95 Sizes 28-40

                        $39.95 Size 44-48


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