A M.U.S.T. have item, Multi Use Survival Strap, by Northeast Tactical. A loop of tubular webbing creates a compact, multi-use strap.


The main use is quick extraction. The strap can quickly be looped around an arm or leg for a hasty drag to get out of the hot zone. With the addition of a carabiner, the strap can be looped around a rescuer and quickly attached to a drag handle for a more controlled drag. The rescuer can maintain situational awareness and hands free while moving.


With a carabiner attached, it is possible for the rescue strap to be tossed to the injured from a position of cover. Multiple straps can be quickly looped together to form a longer version if needed to cover a larger area. The injured can be pulled to safety while limiting exposure in a hot zone.


A back-pack style carry can be used by looping around MUST back pack carrythe back of the injured and the rescuer sliding  his arms through the loops. By leaning slightly forward and hoisting the injured up onto the rescuer's back, mobility is enhanced. Backpack carry will not significantly reduce the usable team members like a litter carry. Instead of 4 carrying a standard litter, only 1 is needed for this carry.  Also, movement over rough terrain or through small corridors or stairwells is possible. If needed, and in a cool zone, multiple casualties can be removed quickly with smaller units.MUST cover

If the injured is armed and still coherent, he can also provide cover as they are moving.







The strap can easily be looped around a door handle to either hold it open or closed.


Holding door openAn outward opening screen door can slow down an entry team by partially closing on a team member, or fully closing. By quickly looping around the handle and wrapping around railing, the door will not interfere. During a search, a closed outward opening door can be opened from a safer distance, allowing a possible better angle on the room.


Likewise, an inward opening door can be secured by

Inward opening door


the same method.








Second story raisingMultiple straps can be looped together to form a long tether to raise or lower gear or personnel to an above ground floor. The 4000 pound tensile strength of the tubular webbing will allow raising or lowering of common tactical loads.


 Looped around the top of a fence or hooked to a wall, the strap can help a team climb over.



M.U.S.T can be ordered in black, olive drab, and tan.


Price: $14.95


A 4000 lb tensile strength carabiner is also available to make the M.U.S.T even more versatile.


Price: $13.95


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