The Single Point Rifle Sling attaches using a metal connector on the sling to a single connection point to the weapon, either factory installed or aftermarket. The sling will maintain security of the weapon and quickly allow different force options. Slings can be ordered in Black, Tan, Olive Drab, and Pink. The weapon will need an attachment point close to the rear handgrip area. If your weapon does not have this type attachment we carry aftermarket adapter plates.


Sling Colors
Colors may not be exact due to monitor settings.
We have added a new color-PINK- to our Single Point Elastic Cord Slings. To add a little panache to your black gun, or to make a statement at the range, add Pink as your sling color.
Single Point Elastic Cord-Pink

Our single point sling is made from 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing. Adjustable to fit over varied clothing and equipment, our single point sling uses a snap hook to attach to a long arm.
Close up of snap hookClose up view of snap hook. Snap hook is sewn within sling loop and slides along webbing as needed. Snap hook will fit round and many looped connectors.

Slung Single Point The one point attachment allows a more natural pivot point on the weapon as well as limiting the amount of material that can interfere with the weapons features.

Single Point over Tactical Armor When attached and slung, the weapon hangs in front for easy control. Length can be adjusted to fit over varied clothing.

The weapon can quickly be shouldered with little to get in the way at critical moments. Also can be shouldered to support side with no interference from the sling.Shouldered Single Piont

Support Side If needed, the weapon can easily be moved to the side or rear for different force options or for hands free work.

Slung OD Single PointTan Single Point Mounted, Close Up
Slung Olive Drab Single Point        Single Point Tan Sling, showing connector

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