We offer the Three Point sling for several different long arms, and in different variants for those weapons.  All our slings come in Black, Olive Drab or Tan webbing. The Three Point Sling allows more control of the weapon than a Single or Two Point Sling. The muzzle has less of a tendency to swing while hands free.
Our slings attach to the butt stock with a stirrup type attachment. This is secured by hook and loop wrap.
The front is attached either by a hook and loop wrap piece or using standard 1 1/2 inch sling swivel/mounts.
Our Slings can be ordered in Black, Olive Drab or Tan.

Hand Guard Wrap Version

Our original three point tactical sling is designed to be attached using a wrap attachment on the front handguard.  This sling will fit either the M16/AR15 style rifle or the Mini 14 rifle. For the M16/AR15, we offer different versions for the fixed or collapsible stock, please specify when ordering which version.

Front WrapHook and loop fastener on the front portion will fit around all current handguards (including -A1, -A2, and most oversized and rail systems). The location of the front hand wrap is not critical, it will mount anywhere on the handguard so as not to interfere with scopes, lights or other equipment.

Mini 14 front wrapThe Mini 14 front wrap style will fit around the fore end and secure with hook and loop or the factory installed sling mount can be used. Please select which front connector.

Rear Wrap collapsibleThe collapsible buttstock wrap feed through looped portion attached to sling, then through buttstock slots. It is secured through the slide lock.

Fixed stock secured
For fixed stock, both AR15 and Mini-14, slide butt stock wrap through webbing loops. Slide over butt stock and secure the hook and loop.
Mini 14 Butt Stock wrap


Front Sling Swivel


Our latest sling attaches using the front sling swivel/mount (either factory or aftermarket) and the same butt stock connection as above ( fixed or collapsible stock for the M16/AR15 and fixed stock Mini-14). Using the front sling mount does not interfere with the front handguard. The rear adapter places the sling on the centerline of the weapon and helps hang the weapon in front for immediate response. This sling works best with side mounted sling mounts, but can be used on standard sling swivels.
Swivel Mount Sling



Shotgun Sling
Our Three Point Tactical Sling is now designed for standard Law Enforcement and Military pump action shotguns (Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 series). The front is attached using the front sling swivel/mount and the rear portion is attached using  hook and loop stirrup around the butt stock. Our design places the sling on the side of the shotgun. This helps hang the weapon in front for control and quick response when needed.
Three Point Shotgun SlingShotgun Sling

Shotgun SlingFor Shotguns with a Tactical stock, our sling feeds through the stock sling mount, eliminating the need for the buttstock wrap. Please Specify if your shotgun has a rear sling mount.

Front Side AdapterWe offer a side mount for replace the front sling mount. This places the sling further away from the weapons components (pump action, lights, etc..). This also helps to prevent the hand from slipping off the fore end and in front of the muzzle for short barrel shotguns.


The sling length can be adjusted by slide locks on sling body. Three Point Sling