Northeast Tactical Two Point Sling is designed to give sling options depending on the mission, gear, and equipment carried. Our two points are available with either snap hook

Or MASH hook

And can be ordered in either Elastic Cord or standard all webbing. The two point allows the user to mount the sling as needed, depending on mission requirement and gear worn. Connections options include:

Front and Middle Connector

Mid/Front Connectors


Middle ConnectorMiddle Connector


Middle and Rear ConnectorMiddle and Rear Connector


Two Point Elastic Cord Sling


Our Two Point Elastic Cord is ideal for smaller weapon and PDW's as well as full sized. Adjustable webbing section, using our wider, softer webbing, connects two elastic cord section. The elastic cord has connnectors, either snap hook, MASH hook or trigger snap, to connecto to the firearm.  The two connectors allow options of attaching to the weapon, depending on your firearm configuration and worn equipment. 

The sling can hold the weapon in close and still be punched out to fire.

All our slings can be made in black, olive drab or tan.

Colors Available


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