• Single Point Elastic Cord, MOLLE

Our Single Point Elastic Cord, Molle Attachment is designed to attach to the rear of a vest or carrier with MOLLE attachments and hang over one shoulder.

Original designed for a small PDW or breacher shotgun, it is also ideal for operators who like their weapon attached to their gear. Secured to a section of MOLLE at the back of the vest using the provided clip. The hang of the weapon can be adjusted by moving where it is attached to the back up or down. Depending on the weapon, it can be attached to strong or support shoulder. Breacher shotgun can be attached to support side to allow use of primary long arm. If used with a primary long arm, it should be attached over strong side shoulder.

Weapon will hang on one side. With our standard adapter plate the weapon will hang to easily shoulder to strong or support side.

The Elastic Cord Molle attachment is designed to be mounted near the trigger group to work effectively. Mounting to a rear sling swivel will make the weapon hang to low and shouldering to support side may be difficult. This will also create excessive muzzle swing when hands free.

The Elastic Weapon Catch, MOLLE, other than where you mount it on your vest, is not adjustable for length. Unextended the elastic cord is 18 inches and should be mounted on the back of a vest. If you need a special size, please let us know when ordering.

Price: $24.95 for trigger snap and snap hook connector, $31.95 for quick detach/push button connector.

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Single Point Elastic Cord, MOLLE

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