• Two Point Rapid Adjustable Sling

Our two point rapid adjustable sling is designed to securely carry a long arm while maintaining the ability to quickly engage a threat and transition to hands free or secondary weapon. Weapon hangs in a ready position by attaching so the weapons controls present themselves to the operator easily. Sling should be mounted on the side of the stock so that is runs along the long axis of the weapon. Attaching to bottom sling swivel will allow the weapon to rotate when hands free. Sling length can be adjusted to fit over varied clothing and equipment. Front attachment helps control the muzzle when moving or going hands free.

The Rapid Adjustment tab on the front section allows quick lengthen or shortening on the sling to shoulder to support side.

Wider webbing helps distribute weapon weight better and limits chafing.

The Sling will attach to the front using a sling swivel, Snap Hook, or MASH Hook, depending on weapon configuration.

For M4 style stocks (with a slot through one area), the rear of the sling can be fed through the slot and woven back on itself to secure it.

For those weapon weapons with a fixed stock, we offer a stirrup attachment to create a sling mount on the side for proper fit.

We make stirrup attachments for:

Fixed Stock AR/M-16


AK with standard fixed stock


Please choose options for front and rear mount when ordering to properly fit your weapon.

M-4 mount (front sling swivel/rear slot) price: $28.95

Front sling swivel/Rear fixed stock price: $30.95

Snap or MASH hook front connector price: $30.95


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Two Point Rapid Adjustable Sling

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