• Elastic Weapon Catch, Loop and Ball

The Northeast Tactical Elastic Weapon Catch  is designed to give an added measure of security when you need to sling your long arm and go hands free. Which ever sling worn, uncontrolled weapon swing can be an issue. Mechanical breaching, climbing and prisoner control can easily place your weapon in a compromised position or create unwanted liability (bouncing a muzzle off a prone suspect). Our Weapon Catch adds an extra measure of security by controlling the front end of the weapon.

Our most popular is our MOLLE Loop and Ball Elastic Weapon Catch. It is designed to attach to a small area of vertical MOLLE. The elastic loop and ball is easily secured around the front portion of a long arm to help secure it while going hands free.  Helps stabilize the weapon for searching, handcuffing, breaching, climbing, and other time when muzzle swing is unwanted.

Mounts to small section of molle.

For primary long arms, it should be mounted on support side so that the support thumb hooks the elastic loop.

Weapon foreend goes on webbing part, support hand fingers grab the plastic ball and loop the elastic section over the ball.


We make two version, one with nylon webbing over the elastic pieces to limit accidental catching, the other without the cover. The elastic section can be looped under the ball to prevent catching.

Colors available include Black, Olive Drab, and Tan.

Covered version: $19.99

Uncovered version: $16.99

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Elastic Weapon Catch, Loop and Ball

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