Our single point sling is made from 1 1/2 inch nylon webbing and a heavy duty elastic section. We use a slightly wider and softer webbing to help with distributing the weight of the weapon and to limit chafing. The sling adjusts to fit over varied clothing and equipment.

When attached and slung, the weapon hangs in front for easy control. The weapon should be slung to easily shoulder to both sides, but not to long to interfere with normal movements.The weapon can quickly be shouldered with little to get in the way at critical moments. Also can be shouldered to support side with no interference from the sling.

If needed, the weapon can easily be moved to the side or rear for different force options or for hands free work.

We offer several connection options:

Trigger Snap: Black, stainless steel swiveling  trigger snap has two overlapping fingers, opened by pushing on extended piece. This allows for easy connection and disconnection from the weapon. Swivel limits tension of sling and connector.  Price: $42.95

Snap Hook: Metal hook with a single moveable gate, similar to an H/K snap hook. Gate allows for easy connection by just pushing onto a weapon connector. Push on gate to slide off weapon to remove. Works best with small ring connectors, with larger sling mounts, excessive weapon/sling movement may cause accidental opening. Price: $45.95

Snap Shackle: Round, fixed snap shackle with moveable gate. Pin holds gate closed. Easily disconnected. Price: $45.95

MASH Hook: Metal All-Purpose Snap Hook is a flat metal hook with two overlapping fingers. Middle piece is pushed to spread fingers apart and fingers are then rolled over connector. Has not gate, springs or other moving parts. Price: $45.95

Quick Detach: Swiveling push button quick detach sling mount. Weapon needs female connector to attach. Easy connect/disconnect from weapon, swivel limits tension on weapon and sling. Price: $51.95

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Single Point Elastic Cord

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