• Two Point Utility Sling

Northeast Tactical Two Point Sling is designed to give the user options on his sling attachments depending on the mission, gear, and equipment carried. We use a soft and wide 1 ½ inch nylon webbing to help distribute the weapon weight better and limit chafing when the sling slides up over body armor or wearing a light shirt. The webbing portion adjusts to fit over clothing and gear. Mounting options include Snap or MASH hook. All our slings can be ordered in Black, Olive Drab or tan.


 The two point allows the user to mount the sling as needed, depending on mission requirement and gear worn. Connections options include:

Front and Middle Connector

Middle Connector

Middle and Rear Connector


Our Two Point Utility Sling is one piece of webbing, with a slide lock to adjust the length.

Price: $28.95

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Two Point Utility Sling

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