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Three Point Tactical Sling attaches to Front and buttstock of weapon. Body loop adjusts for length to fit over varied clothing and body armor. Length of sling adjustable to fit user. We use a soft and wide 1 ½ inch nylon webbing to help distribute the weapon weight better and limit chafing when the sling slides up over body armor or wearing a light shirt.   All our slings can be ordered in Black, Olive Drab or tan.

Options for the front connection include:

Sling Mount. Our webbing will fit through standard 1 1/4 inch sling mounts. The sling will work effectively with either bottom or side mounted sling swivels.

Front Wrap. Our front wrap option allows for attachment to weapon without front sling swivels or to mount at different areas on the front handguard. Hook and loop closure allows for easy attachment.

Snap Hook. Our snap hook connector works best for weapons with rings mounted front and back.

Rear connector options include:

M4 style stock. For the M4 style stock, with a vertical slot in the stock, we have a loop around the buttstock that is secured with a strap through the vertical stock.

Fixed stock. For fixed stock weapon, we offer a vertical loop around the buttstock and a horizontal webbing piece that secured the sling to the weapon.

Our standard slings for particular weapons include:

M4 style rifle- front is connected using weapon mounted sling swivel, rear is connected with buttstock loop connected through vertical slot. Price: $34.95

Shotgun (Remington 870/Mossberg 500)- front sling swivel, rear stirrup attachment. Price: $34.95

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Three Point Sling

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