andard sling mounts mounted on the bottom of the barrel and buttstock do not allow for a handsfree, tactical carry. We offer several sling adapter plates for various weapon systems to allow attachment of single or two point slings near the trigger housing. This allows the firearm to be positioned in front of the operator to easily shoulder, transition to rear carry or secondary weapon, or go hands free.

For the weapon with an M-4 style collapsible stock or mil-spec buffer for those weapons with a pinned stock tube we carry several different options:

SAP-001,This plate replaces the factory plate at the rear of the lower receiver and creates attachments points on both sides of the weapon. The buffer assembly needs to be removed to remove the factory plate and install this plate. This should be done by an armorer. Price $14.95

MCTAR-13, Midwest Industries End Plate Adapter fits over the buffer tube and rests against the upper and lower receiver. There is a screw across the bottom that tightens to hold the adapter on the weapon. Installation only requires the removal of the shoulder stock and sliding the adapter over the buffer tube. Price: $35.95

SAP-002, is for the fixed stock AR-1/M16 rifle. Installation requires the removal of the buttstock and mounting between the stock and the lower receiver. This adapter will add 1/4 inch to the length of the and is supplied with a longer buttstock screw. Available for right hand shooters only, price: $34.95

For the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 series we offer a plate that is mounted between the stock and the receiver.

For the 870 we have an ambidextrous plate.

For the the Mossberg we only have a right or left handed. Price: $29.95

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Sling Adapter Plate

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